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BENTHAMI factory Marble & Carved Stone began in 1958 with its registered office is: Bab Fes police Hotel meadows Sale. Currently, the office is located in Hay Moulay Ismail road Kariat Sale. Since its birth, the institution is chaired by Mr. Ahmed Benthami.

The establishment started first time with only one activity: stone. Very soon two years later, the facility embarked on the exploitation of marble. A decade later, business development accelerates through the adoption of a new plan by the move to a purely industrial strategy. Towards the seventies, the marble is so specialized in promising markets and opening at the same time on the outside by importing marble from Italy, Portugal and Spain, and exporting to the United States, Spain and Germany.

Over the years, the facility has expanded greatly from one strategy to hold niceties of marble and stone in wholesale markets (preparation and implementation of projects).

In 1982, the institution has entered a new phase with the spin of the major industries that meets three objectives:

     specialization of activities by business and markets
     awareness and development of motivation
     increase in turnover.

In early ninety, the company visa to hold her own career by the fact of the competitive aspect of the market, so it now has 4 significant careers of its business.

Today, the company has specialized in a different type of activity based on artisanal experience since its inception while modernizing this gift by industrialization; the company and holds a water jet robot for the realization of more complex sculptures in the matter. She cautioned, however, must craft its footprint.


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  • Adresse: route Kariat hay Moulay Ismaïl, 11140 SALE
  • Téléphone : 05 37 80 83 40
  • Fax : 05 37 80 83 41
  • E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.